Artist Bios

Jonathan Thompson Bio

Jonathan Thompson is a North Carolina artist that uses color, movement and texture to invoke his feelings onto canvas.  His hope is that it won’t stay there for long but will come alive in each person that sees and enjoys it.
His techniques with latex and acrylics exemplify deep strokes and powerful schemes that bring out vibrant gallery wrapped canvas pieces. 

Chris Myers Bio

Chris Myers is a visual artist living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Chris’ art is heavily influenced by the Mid-century abstract expressionists, specifically Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Franz Kline and others. Like Pollock and Rothko, he has studied Jungian psychology and explores the unconscious mind as an integral collaborator in the process.

“I rarely start a piece with an idealized ending point in mind. Rather, only a crude road map, a whirlwind of ideas and a love for improvisational rule creation that always seems to emerge along the journey of each piece Through trial and error, I work my way through the medium, surrendering to the process.”
Chris learned the basics of drawing, painting and carpentry from his grandparents under the encouragement of his mother. He was also influenced by the thriving art culture of Kansas City; where he was raised.

For this series, he explored the use of line, form, drip work and layering The pieces were done in pairs and became more complex upon succession. In addition to drawing and painting, Chris also likes to sculpt with non-traditional items such as bottle caps and skate decks and found items.

Chris was a featured artist in Artfields 2016 and 2017, Culture Initiatives 2014-2016, has done commission pieces for Lenny Boy Brewery and has been a part of gallery exhibitions in an around the Carolinas. This is his first solo show.