Blended Bartique to Open Unique Hybrid Boutique Bar Concept in NODA

Blended Bartique to Open Unique Hybrid Boutique Bar Concept in NODA

Charlotte, NC  Blended Bartique will celebrate their much anticipated opening on June 10th at their new retail store located in NODA at 3100 N. Davidson Street and 34th Street.

Blended Bartique is the brainchild of Estelle & Steve Helfrich.  Located in the heart of NODA, their “Blended” concept retail store, bar and artistic lounge will offer a variety for patrons to enjoy.  The focal point of the Bartique is fashion, offering various Bohemian and Hippie influences inspired by Estelle’s experience in the fashion industry in San Francisco.  Her Boho vintage and Clippie “Classic Hippie” style will fill a big void missing in the Queen City’s fashion community.  In addition to women’s apparel and accessories the Bartique will be a “blend” of local art in a combined boutique lounge setting flanked by a bar serving local craft beers, spirits and creative libations. 

“We view ourselves, not just as a bar and not just as a boutique but rather a combined social laboratory and experience” says owner and partner Estelle Helfrich.   Patrons can visit during styling hours to shop for the latest in Boho-Chic fashion or during social hours to peruse local art, enjoy craft cocktails and take advantage of happy hour clothing specials.  “We hope to offer a unique social setting, something fun that combines retail in an artistic lounge setting that is not seen in Charlotte.”

Blended Bartique also offers its full line of Boho-Chic clothing on its Blended Fashion e-tail online storefront and has its men’s fashion line slated in the pipeline for a Q4 delivery at the Bartique.

Estelle Helfrich
3100 N. Davidson Street #103
Charlotte, NC 28205